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Pediatric Dental Care in Farmington, CT

If you live in Farmington, CT and want high quality and affordable dental care for your children contact CT Pediatric Dentistry. With convenient offices in Unionville and West Hartford we make it easy for families in the Farmington area to find a friendly and compassionate dentist who will show your kids that a trip to the dentist can be fun. Good oral health starts at a young age and the sooner you have your children's teeth checked the better since kids are more likely to consumer soft drinks, candy and fast food.

Our Friendly Approach

It's not unusual for a child to be nervous when visiting a dentist. Chances are they learned to be apprehensive due to the way their parents act when they have to have their teeth checked. It's no secret that many people equate dentists with pain but at CT Pediatric Dentistry we use kid-friendly methods to teach young children that a visit to the dentist can be a fun experience. Our goal is to create a positive dental experience that will help children realize the importance of taking care of their teeth. We recommend bringing children in for a friendly, non-emergency visit first so their initial experience is one that does not involve any procedures that may cause discomfort.

Prevention & Education

We believe that the more your kid's know about proper oral hygiene the better. We know some dentists simply come in and perform procedures without explaining why it's being done or how it will help. Through friendly education with the children and parents we strive to give all our patients the information they need to leave our office knowing how to practice brushing and flossing in a manner that is easy and helpful.

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