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A toothache in Windsor hurts just as bad as anywhere else. That's why we have three centrally located dental offices for the youth of Connecticut to visit when they need urgent dental care, or just a regular checkup. We are the full service pediatric dentist team of Connecticut that has the experience you want your child's dentist to have. We have a cool attitude with teens and we especially love when the toddlers come out for their first checkups.

Windsor residents have friends in CT Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Jeffrey Wrubel and Dr. Kevin Maltz, along with Dr. David Epstein and Dr. Mitra Kabakoff to assist your children in their time of need. It isn't easy going to the dentist when you are little, in fact, it can be rather frightening at times to some. This is because of the truly personal nature of your child's experience going to the dentist. It is important to form a healthy patient/doctor relationship as early as possible, so that when the time comes to begin seeing the dentist, it isn't such a new and unusual experience for the child. Only by starting regular checkups as soon as the first teeth make their appearance beyond the gum lines can you ensure the most comprehensive and personalized service a doctor can give their patient.

CT Pediatric Dentistry is a team of oral doctors and hygienists who have special training dealing especially with children. The Pediatric dentists undergo extensive schooling in addition to normal doctor college learning to deal especially with the needs and behaviors of children. Call us today to schedule an appointment to see one of our specialized doctors of pediatric dentistry.

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