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Pediatric Dental Care in Unionville, CT

Located at 101 Main Street, our kid's dental office in Unionville is easily accessible to residents in Farmington and Bristol. We have three locations in Connecticut: West Hartford, North Windham and Unionville to give families several options to get the best dental care for their children. Our Unionville office provides a comfortable and relaxing setting to introduce your kids to high quality dental care. We know how daunting a visit to the dentist can be and that's why we do everything we can to make the environment warm and comforting so you and your kids can feel relaxed when you enter the office and spend less time worrying.

Covering the Basics

In time your child may be in need of more specialized dental treatments that may involve braces, root canals and the removal of wisdom teeth, but hopefully your initial visit will be a fun introduction to your pediatric dentist and will be a good opportunity for your kids and their pediatric dentist to get to know one another and establish a rapport that will serve to benefit both doctor and patient in the long run. We recommend taking your child to a dentist before any problems occur so their first experience is a positive one without any pain. If you wait until your child has a chipped or broken tooth then the experience will be much different and can leave you child with a bad first impression he won't soon forget. At your initial meeting with a dentist at CT Pediatric Dentistry your child will meet the dentist, answer a few questions about his teeth and learn the basics when it comes to brushing, flossing and watching what to eat to prevent tooth decay.

Caring for Baby Teeth

While we recommend taking your child to a dentist between 6 months and 12 months this doesn't mean you won't have to start caring for your baby's teeth. We encourage parents to use a wet washcloth to wipe the gums, lips and tongue of a baby each time you wash his face. When the first tooth does appear it is recommended that a parent uses a soft brush with a small bit of fluoride toothpaste twice a day. Too much fluoride at a young age can be dangerous so be sure to stick with a very little amount when brushing the teeth of an infant.

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