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With an office conveniently located in West Hartford, CT Pediatric Dentistry can provide high quality dental care for children throughout the greater Hartford area. Our dental practice focuses exclusively on children and we strive to not only provide expert dental care but to educate kids about the importance of good oral hygiene. We provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for kids of all ages so their visits to the dentist are stress-free. Our pediatric dental practice provides a number of dental services including prevention and education, restoration and extractions, cosmetic surgery and emergency care.

Unfortunately children develop a fear of the dentist from adults. Before they even make their first trip to a dentist's office kids have it in their mind that the experience will be painful. Our goal is to promote good oral hygiene at a young age and to teach children that a visit to the dentist doesn't have to be filled with anxiety. You should plan to bring your child to a dentist for their first appointment between 12 to 18 months. When kids transition from infancy into being a toddler their growth and development accelerate and it's important to keep tabs on their teeth to prevent decay. Even if your child appears to be fine it's recommended that you schedule a visit so children can get acquainted with the dentist in a non-emergency atmosphere so their initial experience is a positive one.

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A child's first visit to the dentist is crucial since it will lay the foundation for future appointments. When your child is nearing his first birthday you should arrange for a visit to a pediatric dentist. At CT Pediatric Dentistry our West Hartford office is conveniently located to give residents of the greater Hartford area easy access to professional and affordable pediatric dental care. We make first visits fun and relaxing so your child has a positive experience and begins to understand the importance of keeping their teeth healthy.

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