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As a parent, the health of your children is very important. Raising healthy children is not always easy and there are many threats and risks that can lead to serious problems. Finding a pediatric dentist that you can trust is one of the most important decisions you will make for your son or daughter. If you live in the Windham area, contact the dentists at CT Pediatric Dentistry for affordable and professional pediatric dental services.

At CT Pediatric Dentistry we make it a point to not only take the fear out of visiting the dentist but to also educate parents and children about oral hygiene so they are able to make healthier decisions when it comes to food and tooth care. It's great to bring children in regularly for cleanings and check-ups but we want all our patients to be educated enough so they can take proper care of their teeth to avoid problems such as root canals and cavities.

From the very first visit we encourage parents to accompany their child so both can learn as we perform cleanings, exams and check-ups. We take great pride in explaining the reasons for the procedures we do and answering any questions you may have. Everyone will experience tooth decay and other oral health issues at some point in their life, but we hope to minimize these instances by educating both children and parents about safe and healthy oral hygiene.

The environment in our West Hartford, North Windham and Unionville offices is fun, friendly and relaxed. We believe the atmosphere is very important in providing a pleasant experience for young children who may be visiting a dentist for the first time. With a gentle and caring approach we make visiting the dentist a positive experience that will establish a solid foundation for a future of healthy oral hygiene.

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