Pediatric Cosmetic Dentistry

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When Are Cosmetic Dental Procedures Important?

There are many circumstances in which cosmetic dental procedures are needed for children, adolescents, and young adults. Whether your child has baby teeth or adult teeth, if there are any problems with decay or chipping, they need to be addressed to prevent further damage. An unchecked baby tooth can be detrimental to the growth of the adult tooth below it. A badly damaged adult tooth can become an oral health issue that extends into adulthood if not handled properly. CT Pediatric Dentistry performs the following cosmetic procedures…


Teeth can sustain a decent amount of force, however breaks happen, especially with children. While baby teeth may not need as much attention as adult teeth, both may require bonding in the event of a break or chip. The depth and location of the break will determine exactly how our dentists will repair the tooth/teeth. Our years of experience give us the ability to understand the best way to bond the teeth to protect them, while being cosmetically sound.

Teeth Whitening

Post thumbail 1It is not unusual in this day and age for a teenager to request teeth whitening at the dentist. While they're forming their identity, they're also seeing photographs in magazines of all the top celebrities with pristine white teeth. It's not just the pressure from the outside, either. When physical appearance is a major factor in social interactions, teenagers are more likely to obsess about a particular flaw. In these cases taking your teenager to a pediatric dentist for a whitening consultation is a great idea. Our dentists are able to discuss with your teen the process of teeth whitening, and give your teen a better idea of what to expect when deciding to bleach their teeth. They will also gain a deeper knowledge of oral health, and what color their teeth should be.

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