What Causes Crooked Teeth?

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Everyone loves the smile of a baby. That is, until the teeth start coming in and they are terribly crooked. It's not unusual for infants to start out with crooked teeth and the reason is quite simple.

The occurrence of crooked teeth often results from genetics. Sometimes a child will inherit her dad's larger teeth and her mom's smaller jaw. This will cause the teeth to start fighting for position when each starts to grow. There isn't enough room in that small mouth and so this leads to crowding. Because there isn't enough space in the arch of the baby's mouth the crowding can become severe and cause teeth to come in crooked.

Another cause for a baby's teeth growing in crooked is if your baby has habit of sucking on her thumb. If she enjoys this habit, when she puts her thumb tightly between the upper and lower teeth when the mouth is closed, this places pressure on the upper front teeth and can push them out. Coincidentally, the lower teeth are pushed back into the mouth, and this can cause crowding. In still other cases, as the child continues to develop, additional teeth suddenly start to grow and crowding will occur due to the fact there isn't enough room.

So, what can you do to stop teeth from crowding and get your toddler's teeth on the track to being straight? Luckily you have several options when working with a pediatric dentist.

A good start is to get your baby familiar with a pediatric dentist even before her first teeth come in. Daily, swab the inside of her mouth with a small washcloth so when the first tooth comes in your baby will be familiar with the feeling.

Even at a young age, your baby's teeth can be analyzed for deficiencies in arch length so the right treatments can be started. You may opt for a removable retainer that will help guide the growth of the arches in the mouth so it can better accommodate different teeth size. With early arch expansion, orthodontic treatment of the permanent teeth becomes easier and stable.

If you see crooked teeth coming in, contact your pediatric dentist for an appointment. In some cases, if treated early enough you may be able to avoid having to use braces in the future and your child will grow up to have strong, healthy and straight teeth.

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