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It's very popular these days to get kids involved in sports at a young age. In addition to building self-confidence and giving your child necessary exercise, participating in athletics helps to develop friendships and teach children the value of teamwork. However, sports can be violent and dangerous and it is important to give your kid the protection he needs to compete safely. No matter what sport your kid wants to play, from soccer and baseball to football and basketball it is recommended that your kid wears a protective mouth guard.

What are Mouth Guards?

Sometimes called fancy names like mandibular advancement devices, athletic mouth guards are protective dental products that fit into your mouth and help keep your teeth and jaw safe from the dangers of balls, bats, elbows and other hazards that are part of sports. Often made from thermo-plastic materials mouth guards are designed to shape to the unique contours of your child's teeth and jaw so a solid fit is achieved that will protect his teeth from impact damage.

Why Use a Mouth Guard?

Even non-contact sports can lead to broken and cracked teeth. Children have a tendency to play sports with reckless abandon and when tumbling, tackling and bouncing around the chances of something bad happening to their teeth only increases. However, with a proper fitting athletic mouth guard that is custom fitted you can rest easy knowing your child's teeth are well protected.

Mouth Guard Fittings

Back in the day you use to just drop the plastic device into some boiling water, bite down to create the imprint and cool before using. Today, it is recommended that you visit a pediatric dentist first to have your child's teeth, mouth and jaw line inspected to determine if a custom fitted mouth guard is necessary. Depending on the sport and your kid's teeth you may need extra reinforcement in certain areas and it's always best to consult with a pediatric dentist before having a child use any type of mouth guard.

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