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Get Your Kids To Brush Regularly

Young children often try everything they can to avoid brushing their teeth. It seems funny to adults since brushing is in no way painful, doesn't taste bad or take a lot of time. But for some reason, children make it very difficult to get them to brush twice a day. If you have children who are avoiding brushing, follow a few helpful tips that you can use to get your kids to brush regularly and properly.

Story Telling

As a parent you've probably told plenty of stories and more than few white lies to get your kids to do things, like go to sleep, use the bathroom and eat their dinner. There's no reason you can't use the same tactic with brushing. You can tell your kids that if they don't brush, small sugar bugs start to drill holes in their teeth (not entirely untrue since this is what cavities are) or that scary plaque monsters look for kids that don't brush because they want to feast on the food left on their teeth. Simple stories are sometimes enough to convince a small child to start brushing.

Watch Mom & Dad

If your kids aren't brushing, try having them with you when you brush your teeth. We all know how kids want to act like grown-ups and in some cases they will want to emulate what mom and dad do. When you are brushing make it seem like fun and also express how much better you feel now that those bad cavities are being brushed away.


One trick that always works with children is rewards. No matter what the task is, if kids know a treat is waiting for them upon completion, the chances of them accomplishing the goal increase dramatically. A good way to do this is to find something your son or daughter enjoys. Show them that you have it. When they ask if they can have it hold it out, then pull it back and say, "Only if you be a good boy and brush your teeth". You'll be surprised how quickly they run to the bathroom and start brushing.

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