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Have You Chosen A Pediatric Dentist?

One of the most important decisions parents will make when it comes to their children is choosing a pediatric dentist. This decision should be done carefully and since the initial visit with a dentist can impact how a child will view oral health and how well they follow the instructions they are given for properly caring for their teeth.

Many factors will come into play when deciding on who is the best fit for caring for your child's teeth but there are some tips that almost everyone should consider when making this choice.


If parents know how to do anything, it's networking. From finding the right baby-sitter to choosing the best school, moms and dads will call and text their friends endlessly with questions to ensure they make the best decision. The same is true for choosing a pediatric dentist. Simply going online and typing "pediatric dentists" in your town will give you plenty of results, but how do you know who to trust? You can visit their websites but it's unlikely you'll find any dentist that won't be promoting his or her services as the best. A good way to start the search is to talk with your friends who also have children and see who they recommend.

Initial Consultations

When you are searching for the right dentist for your child, don't hesitate to bring your child with you when you meet for an informal interview. Seeing how your child reacts with the dentist is a good barometer of how well the relationship will go in the future. Some kids just naturally bond with certain adults while others will make kids apprehensive. As a parent you'll be able to tell pretty quickly whether your child likes or doesn't like the dentist you are meeting with.

Read Reviews

While a pediatric dentist's website will be very positive and include great testimonials, the real story can often be found in online reviews. Services such as Yelp and Angie's List are good places to start when looking for honest reviews about dental practitioners. Don't expect all the reviews to be helpful but if you find one dentist consistently gets bad marks from parents this is red flag you should take seriously. At the same time, if there is nothing but glowing praise for how well a dentist gets along with children you may want to put that dentist down for a call.

Ask Questions

When you sit down and speak with a pediatric dentist, do not be afraid to ask questions. Some people are intimated in the presence of doctors and dentists and feel uneasy asking questions that may be important. If your child has unique behavior patterns when it comes to his teeth or demonstrates other oral habits that you find concerning, let the dentist know.

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