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Today the need to fit in and be accepted is stronger than ever. Kids and teenagers are constantly under a digital age microscope that unfortunately exposes every facet of their personality and character, good or bad. Kids can be very sensitive to perceived slights and if they have discolored or yellow teeth this can make their lives miserable.

TV, film and videos show us happy people with bright white smiles and it's only natural for children and teenagers to associate happiness with smiling. However, if every time your child smiles it reveals stained and yellow teeth they may become self-conscious and not want to smile. This is where a dental problem can lead to social behavior that is unhealthy including exclusion and self-doubt.

At CT Pediatric Dentistry we know how hard peer pressure can be. We also understand the delicate nature of young teeth and the caution that needs to be exercised when considering a cosmetic procedure for a child or teenager. With CT Pediatric Dentistry you get more than just high quality dental care, you get a kid's dentist who cares enough to help educate you and your family about oral health.

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David Epstein
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David Epstein
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23 Jan 2022 12:12 AM