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Are Your Kids Trying to Avoid the Dentist?

By now every parent knows their children will do everything they can to avoid a visit to the doctor or dentist. From hiding a cut or bruise to pretending their gums aren't causing them pain, kids go to great lengths to mask pain. In some cases it isn't a big deal since it may just be a small cut or a swollen lip that will heal quickly. However, there are conditions that need immediate attention to prevent infections and as a parent you need to be aware of your kid's tricks to avoid a bad situation getting worse.

When it comes to children and hiding teeth problems look for the following signs:

Difficulty Eating or Drinking

Anyone who has a cavity, sore gums or other problems with their teeth will often give it away during times when they are eating or drinking. Watch your kids carefully when eating and look for any discomfort on their faces when they bite down, drink hot or cold beverages and have to tear meat off bones. If you notice your child having difficulty when eating or drinking it can be a sign that they are having problems with their teeth.

Avoiding Brushing

Most kids will try to dodge the routine of teeth brushing but when it becomes apparent that your child is skipping this habit more than once a day it may be a sign. Brushing can be painful when a child has a cavity, loose tooth or swollen gums and if they are consistently avoiding brushing it's time for you to step in and ask what's wrong.

Saying no to Treats

Above we mentioned noticing discomfort when your child eats, but if he decides to pass on ice cream or hot chocolate that can be an indication that the cool or hot temperatures are causing pain. It's unusual for a child to say no to ice cream so if this happens you may want to ask some questions to find out if your child is hiding something.

Difficulty Sleeping

Many times tooth pain will keep kids from sleeping. The swelling and throbbing of a cavity or damaged tooth can be quite painful and if your child is showing signs of sleep problems this may be an indication that his tooth is bothering him.

None of these signs are guarantees that your child has a tooth problem but when you notice any of the above it's time to sit your child down and have an honesty break. Don't scold or yell but be firm in finding out what's wrong and reinforce that you want to help take the pain away.

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