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Avoid A Scary Experience For Your Child When Getting A Cavity Filled

Cavities are unfortunately common among children. Getting a cavity filled can be a scary experience for a child. Here are some tips to prepare your child to get a cavity filled so that he or she will feel less anxious and the procedure will go smoothly.

Let your child ask questions and answer them honestly. Unless you have post graduate training in pediatric dentistry, the following is an example of an appropriate response:

"What are they going to do, Mommy?"

"To be completely honest with you, honey, I have no idea. Dr. Dentist said something about needing to extra brush some germs that are still on one of your teeth. You know Dr. Dentist, he/she is so nice, he/she will tell you and show you when we go back."

Sometimes, well meaning parents give the child more information than necessary, oftentimes using words and imagery that will undermine your pediatric dentist’s ability to successfully treat your child.

Leave the explanation to your pediatric dentist. He/she has the experience to know what to say to your child, and how to say it. You should be the "silent partner."

Stay calm and don’t let your child see if you are nervous.

Plan a fun activity after the dental appointment. You can take your child to the park or a play date or go out for a special meal or treat after the numbness has worn off.

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