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Sports You Need To Be Concerned About

A great way for kids to get fresh air and exercise is to participate in youth sports leagues. These days many parents are thrilled to know their child is interested in going out for a team since it will get him or her away from the TV and video games. However, with participation in certain sports there comes the risk of tooth problems. From football and soccer to hockey and lacrosse, there are many contact sports that, even when played at a youth level, can involve collisions that will lead to broken teeth and even a tooth being knocked out.

Here are some of the sports you need to be concerned about and what you need to prepare your child for contact:


Head injuries are the prime concern for any parent of a young football player but tooth damage is also prevalent. Anyone who has played or watched the game of football knows how violent it can be and if your child is interested in playing it is imperative that you equip him with a high quality helmet, tight chin strap and well-fitted athletic mouth guard. Collisions are a part of the game so the best thing you can do is prepare your kid for contact.


Though not as rough as football, soccer still has the opportunity to have a child's tooth injured. With other kids kicking wildly, throwing elbows and leaping to head a soccer ball, the chances of another kid's mouth being struck are pretty high. Like football, any child playing soccer should be wearing an athletic mouth guard that is well-fitted and provides the necessary buffer to prevent chipped or broken teeth.


Not as popular as soccer or football, there are still many communities that offer youth hockey programs. Hockey is probably on par with football as being the most dangerous for tooth injuries. When you involve skates, ice, hard pucks and sticks, it can be a recipe for disaster. Also, at a young age kids are not very coordinated and this can mean tumbling, falling and crashing into one another. If your boy or girl wants to play hockey you need to make sure they have a solid protective helmet, durable eye visor and mouth guard.

Martial Arts

Ever since The Karate Kid came out, more children have been interested in participating in tae kwon do, judo, karate and other forms of martial arts. A great way to teach discipline, self-confidence and strength, these classes can also involve some pretty nasty hits to the face. Before your child steps onto the mat, make sure he has protective head gear and a mouthpiece that will keep his teeth safe from a jarring foot or fist.

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