How to Prepare Your Child for a First Dental Cleaning

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Regular cleanings are an important part of oral hygiene. Taking your child to the dentist for professional cleanings can remove plaque and food particles from the teeth and can also give the dentist a chance to check your child’s teeth and gums, note any problems, and make recommendations about nutrition, brushing, and flossing. The dentist can also discuss treatments to prevent cavities, such as sealants and fluoride varnish. Ask your dentist at what age he or she recommends that your child get a first cleaning.

What to Say to Your Child

Many children are nervous about going to the dentist. You can help your child prepare for a first cleaning by reading books about going to the dentist. Always be positive when discussing the dentist with your child. Never say anything about shots or pain. If you have had a bad experience at the dentist, keep it to yourself. Simply say that the dentist will clean your child’s teeth to keep them bright, white, and healthy.

Taking Care of Teeth at Home

You can prevent cavities in your child’s teeth by making sure he or she gets good nutrition and practices oral hygiene at home. Give your child healthy foods and snacks with vitamins and nutrients, including calcium. Limit your child’s consumption of sugary foods and beverages. Avoid giving your child sticky foods because they can get stuck between your child’s teeth and lead to cavities. Do not let your child go to bed with a bottle or sippy cup filled with juice or milk because that can bathe your child’s teeth with sugar and lead to baby bottle tooth decay.

Make sure your child brushes twice a day. Many cavities are caused by a lack of brushing or by not doing a good enough job. Help a young child with brushing and supervise an older child to make sure he or she does it and cleans all the teeth. You can use tablets that color the plaque on your child’s teeth so he or she can see any areas that were missed and know where to focus more attention.

Make sure your child flosses once a day to remove food particles stuck between the teeth. If your child finds flossing difficult, you can buy floss picks to make the job easier.

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CT Pediatric Dentistry has a team of pediatric dentists who understand the unique dental needs of children. We can make the process of getting a first cleaning a pleasant experience for your child so that he or she will enjoy visiting the dentist. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning for your child.

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