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Young Teeth Are Susceptible To Decay And Chipping

As a parent it is only natural to be concerned about the development of your child's teeth. From brushing and flossing to regular checkups with a pediatric dentist, it pays to establish a routine that will teach the importance of proper dental care. However, even as infants and toddlers some children will experience tooth problems that will require professional dental care. Young teeth are susceptible to decay and chipping and if not treated in time can be detrimental to the growth of the adult tooth below it.

When most parents hear of cosmetic treatments they immediately think of teeth whitening and are hesitant to give consent for such procedures. However, cosmetic treatments are used for many conditions including teeth that are crooked, badly chipped and broken teeth and discolored teeth. You don't want your child to be too embarrassed to smile and with the right pediatric dentist you can have your child's teeth fixed so they don't suffer any emotional stress from hiding teeth that don't look good.

If you notice an irregularity with your child's teeth your first step is to visit a pediatric dentist. Even if the chip appears to be minimal it is imperative that you have an expert take look to ensure nothing more serious is at stake. Leaving a problem alone can have unfavorable consequences in the future. A pediatric dentist will be able to do a thorough inspection of your child's teeth and recommend any cosmetic procedures that can be done to fix the problem.

Tooth bonding is quite normal among children and the process can help teeth that are chipped or broken. Repairing broken teeth is necessary in providing your child with a strong foundation for their teeth to remain healthy and functional. Untreated teeth that are broken or chipped can lead to infections that will require a lot more than just cosmetic treatments.

Kids grow up fast and before you know it your son or daughter may be asking about teeth whitening. When they see their friends with bright white teeth and compare it against their less shiny teeth it is only natural to want to be with the "in crowd". However, bleaching teeth at a young age is not the best practice and can actually discourage children from taking care of their teeth since they will develop the mindset that all they need to know is go for whitening once a year to keep their teeth looking good. But looking good and feeling good are two different things.

Tooth whitening is fine if your child has discolored teeth from the start but if it just to appease their vanity then it is probably not the best idea. If your child is showing an interest in teeth whitening it is a good idea to sit down for a talk and explain that the blinding white color they are seeing is only temporary and that it is more important to have healthy teeth than simply a bright smile.

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