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Pay Special Consideration To Gis Or Her Dental Health

Balancing the requirements of a special needs child can be very challenging. Those children are almost twice as likely to experience dental problems compared to children without special needs. If you are the parent of a special needs child, you need to pay special consideration to his or her dental health.

Special needs children can have chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional conditions that require more extensive dental services. Down syndrome and other genetic disorders can cause delays in tooth eruption. These children may also have malformed or missing teeth. Crowning or poor alignment can leave children prone to gum disease and tooth decay because their teeth are difficult to keep clean. Special needs children with an intellectual disability may habitually grind their teeth, making them flat.

Dental care for a special needs child should be performed by pediatric dentists with special training who limit their practice to treating children only, including those with special health needs.

CT Pediatric Dentistry, with offices in West Hartford, North Windham, and Unionville, has been practicing pediatric dentistry for 42 years and offers a unique environment that gives young clients a comfortable safe space that promotes their oral health. We handle restorations and extractions, cosmetic dentistry, and emergencies and provide professional care for special needs children.

We suggest a visit before your child’s first birthday, where we will take a full medical history, gently examine your child’s teeth and gums, and plan preventive care for your child’s needs. Our dentists are highly qualified to care for special needs children, and our offices are designed to be physically accessible to special needs patients.

"I met the dentist and the dental hygienist that explained everything I needed to know about my daughter's dental care. They were really great and made my shy child feel very comfortable," one parent said about her special needs child’s visit to CT Pediatric Dentistry.

Call CT Pediatric Dentistry’s main office in West Hartford at 860-523-4213 to set up an appointment for your special needs child and rest assured that he or she will be on the way to a healthy oral future.

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