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A Healthy Diet Can Help Keep A Child's Teeth Strong

Practicing healthy oral hygiene also includes the right foods. Your kids can brush and floss all they want, but if their diet consists of sticky, chewy and sugary foods it will be tough to avoid bacteria that can cause gum diseases and tooth decay. Starting your children with a healthy diet will help keep their teeth strong.

Fruits and vegetables are always a good choice. Pediatric dentists recommend fruits and vegetables that contain a high volume of water such as pears, cucumbers and melons. Other good choices include apples, carrots, grapes and celery. Of course, some of these foods have skins that can get caught between teeth so it is still important to floss and brush properly.

Cheese is another good food for children's teeth. Aged cheeses such as cheddar and Swiss help to trigger the flow of saliva which will wash food particles away and reduce the chance of bacteria collecting and causing tooth decay.

Sweet potatoes provide a good source of Vitamin A which helps form tooth enamel, oranges provide Vitamin C that helps keeps gums healthy and protects against gingivitis and cranberries are believed to coat teeth which makes it tougher for bacteria to stick around.

In addition to healthy foods it is important that your kids get plenty of water. Water has no decay-causing sugars and it rinses away food particles that get trapped between small teeth. Tap water often contains fluoride and that mineral will help strengthen tooth enamel.

Try to avoid constant snacking and steer away from foods that are high in sugar and foods that are sticky and chewy such as granola bars, raisins and peanut butter with added sugar. These types of foods are hard to rinse away and if your child consumes a lot then it can lead to bacteria and tooth decay.

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