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A long-running debate in the dentistry field is the use of dental sealants on children. While some dentists strongly advocate for using a plastic covering to cover the teeth (usually the back molars) to protect the tooth during eating and development, other dentists are not as confident. Some dentists suggest that sealants have a high failure rate; roughly 50% within five years and sealants should not be used unless there is obvious sign of decay.

So, as a concerned parent, what should you do? Obviously you want to protect your child’s teeth the best you can but does it make sense to use sealants if it is not necessary?

The answer actually lies in the skill of your dentist and their recommendation. Parents read a lot of information, especially online, and the facts can become distorted or outright fabricated. While some dentists do caution against sealants, like Gordon J. Christensen who publishes Clinicians Report, they also say that if the sealants are done properly it is an excellent technique for combating tooth decay.

According to an NBC News story, between 45 million and 55 million sealants are applied each year in the U.S., with pediatric dentists performing more than twice as many procedures as general dentists. It is obvious that parents who have heard about sealants are eager to investigate. There does appear to be a dividing line among dentists who went to school before sealants became popular and those that studied after.

If you are interested in sealants, don’t Google it. Contact a qualified pediatric dentist and have your child in for a consultation. Your Connecticut pediatric dentist knows your child’s teeth better than anyone and if someone should make the call on sealants, it should be a professional.

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