As many are coming to discover, sugar is the culprit behind a number of health issues. To curb the ill effects people are starting to eliminate it almost entirely from their diets. And while it’s true that added sugars not only do harm, they also add empty calories and they can do a number on your teeth. That’s because they create an acidic environment in the mouth that eventually eats away at the enamel on teeth leading to decay, cavities and sometimes even the need to have teeth pulled if left unattended for too long.

What people aren’t thinking about though, is that there are some sugars that aren’t bad for you in moderation. Oftentimes eliminating these items completely from your diet also takes away the other benefits the food might offer. Fruits are a perfect example. They are a sweet, natural source of sugar that is also rich in essential vitamins. Plus, eating fruit is a great way to kick the cravings for other sweet treats.

While we’re working on redesigning our mealtime plates to be optimal for health, don’t be afraid to add some fruit to your child’s plate.

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Snack time Swap Out

Instead of giving your kid gummy snacks or chips to munch on in between meals as a snack, consider adding real, fresh fruit to their plates. Apples with a dab of peanut better offer vitamins and can actually help clean between the teeth as they chew. Strawberries are also a terrific source of vitamin C which helps fight gum disease.

Eliminate Other Sugar Sources

If you can work on eliminating other sources of added sugar to your child’s diet – such as in fruit juices or candies, you’ll notice they are much more pleased when they are given fruit as the sweetness will become even bolder and pronounced when other artificial sugars aren’t present in the palette.

Explore New Flavors

Help your child to expand their taste buds by experimenting with new textures and flavors at mealtime. When it comes to fruit, select those items that are in season for the best tasting and change things up to provide variety and prevent boredom.

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