Keeping up with good oral hygiene is a must. From an early age, caring for one’s teeth presents the best way to ensure they have a lifelong ability to speak, chew and even smile with confidence. From brushing to flossing, eating well and visiting the dentist – we’ve heard all of the ways to achieve healthy teeth.

Sometimes though, there are still hurdles to overcome or questions we may have about our children’s teeth even after following through with protocol. Issues such as staining and discoloration with kids is readily a cause for concern.

If you’ve been wondering why it looks as if your child already has yellowing teeth at a young age, or why brown spots are suddenly appearing, then keep reading.

What Causes Yellowing of Kid’s Teeth?  

Most adults are aware that bad habits like coffee consumption and cigarettes may lead to yellow teeth. But there are other culprits including food, medications and other health conditions that can lead to this off white color of the teeth. In children, you’ll want to examine the types of foods they are eating as they could be behind the yellow teeth. Things like berry juice drinks, sodas, candies filled with dyes and even citrus fruits could lead to yellow teeth. In addition, any trauma to the mouth that has led to broken teeth or chemicals in supplements your child takes might be the cause.

Why Does My Child Have Brown Spots?

Another common issue with staining on the surface of your child’s teeth is the appearance of brownish spots on the enamel. This is caused often times by excessive intake of fluoride and is referred to as, “fluorosis.” Other issues that can be causing a brown look to the teeth include dental carries from poor nutrition, decay that’s occurring or lack of nutrients such as iron in the diet.

Is a Gray Baby Tooth Okay?

Gray teeth in children are also commonly found to be linked to the use of an antibiotic containing Tetracycline. Even pregnant mothers taking this medication could create a situation where their child’s tooth is gray as a result. Other trauma and blunt force to the tooth result in a disruption in blood flow could appear on the surface as a gray stain. In other cases, silver fillings may lead to a gray appearance.

It’s important to understand the happenings of your child’s oral health. Be sure to reach out to the dentist at any signs of discomfort or out of the ordinary appearances with your child’s teeth. Their dental futures depend on it.

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