Fresh off the heels of the holiday season – which was preceded by Halloween and Thanksgiving, you might be happy to finally be getting back to a routine with the kids and perhaps even working on improving eating habits and introducing new healthy food items to your family’s plates.

Then you remember, that next month, a holiday perhaps is best known for its candy-giving purpose will happen. As your child collects their goodies from classmates on Valentine’s Day and they consume dense chocolate-filled hearts, you might be worrying that your New Year Resolutions were all made in vain.

Don’t fret though. We’ve got all the tips you need to manage your child’s Valentine’s chocolate consumption so they can still partake in the festivities without putting their health or teeth at risk.

Choose Alternate Treats & Gifts

Giving your loved ones something sweet to show them appreciation on this holiday doesn’t necessarily have to mean candy. There are plenty of teddy bears, flowers and other Valentine’s theme games and activities available today to make celebrating the holiday possible without ever needing to bring cavity-causing sugar into your home again.

Be Honest About the Problems with Sugar

Children are more intelligent than they’re sometimes given credit for. Take some time to talk to your child about the importance of eating healthy foods that make you feel good. You should also explain to them the reasons sugars and candy can be so terrible for teeth and what occurs when sugars turn acidic in the mouth and eat at the enamel.

Increase Oral Health Practices

If eating candy is something that will happen on Valentine’s Day this year, then keep oral health top of mind for that day. Add immediate brushing after the treat is consumed to wash away the sugars and acids and limit children to a one time treat to celebrate. Carrying on throughout the day or longer with eating candies and sugars will only harm the teeth more.

Stay tuned for more tips as the holidays to follow (we’re talking Easter candy baskets) for tips to survive.