Having a teenager is a unique time in your relationship with your child. From helping them to understand societal rules to ensure you set them up for future success in their careers, there’s a lot that goes into this phase of parenting. Another thing you might run into is trying to influence their eating habits for the better.

As we all know, there are long term risks with eating a diet high in saturated fats, sugar, and carbohydrates.

junk food

Most teens tend to gravitate toward all the foods that contain these ingredients. “Junk food” as many refer to it, can be comforting, easy and tasty. But guiding your child to make healthier choices isn’t just important for physical health, also dental hygiene.

Here are some snacking tips to help with your teen who loves junk food.

Slowly Alter the Palate

It can be a lot to switch from eating chips and cakes to suddenly snacking on veggies and fruit. Making the changes slowly will help ensure your teens finds the foods appetizing and increasing the chances they’ll reach for healthier options more often in the future. Over time, as less candy is eaten and more fruits are relied upon as a sugar source, berries will taste sweeter and a healthier alternative like frozen yogurt will actually taste like a treat.

Cook at Home More

 In addition to being a great opportunity to bond with your child, cooking more meals at home will limit instances of eating out at restaurants where unnecessarily high calories and sneaky ingredients can make their way into dishes. You’ll also save money to use for other activities you can enjoy together.

Be Honest

Nothing beats sitting down and having an open and honest conversation with your teen. They are at the age now where understanding the harsh realities of heart disease, obesity, and more dental health. The ill-effects it can have on their futures and why working to make these smarter choices today are so vital.

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