The teenage years are always fun to look back on. Especially knowing that all those awkward phases would pass. If you have a child entering their teen’s years, perhaps all the emotions are starting for them. Dealing with acne, wanting to fit in and stepping up hygiene regimens are some of the topics of discussions happening at this age.

When it comes to their teeth, it’s important as parents to also help guide your up-and-coming teen into proper oral health. Here are some key topics you’ll want to focus on as they grow.

Bleaching for Pearly Whites Can Get Dangerous

The desire to have amazing, white teeth in the mirror might start to come up as a conversation with your child in the teen years when many kids start to become conscious of their physical appearance. It’s important to first explain to your child that self-esteem and value are worth more than what’s in the mirror but also to warn them that too much bleaching and an error in the use of DIY products can end in highly sensitive teeth, irritation to the gums and even results that are the opposite of whitening.

Junk Food Is a Terrible Food Option

Easy, tasty treats aren’t just a convenience for kids, but teens seem to really like junk food. It’s easy to eat fries while they’re hanging around the friends at the mall or chew on some candy while in a study group. These foods aren’t just bad for dietary reasons, they can also wreak havoc on teeth. High amounts of carbs that get stuck between the teeth or sugary candies that stick to the enamel can all lead to decay and eventual tooth loss.

Braces Are Serving an Important Purpose

Pretty, straight teeth are desired by many. Getting there though can mean having to wear braces. If you’re having a hard time convincing your teen to have them put on, remind them that braces are going to go a long way in helping them to keep a healthy smile as adults.

Here at CT Pediatric Dentistry we work with children and offer the support and care they need for good dental health into their teen and adult years. If you’re having trouble talking to your teen about oral hygiene, give us a call today we’d be glad to help!

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