We’ve made it to the holiday season. Later this week most people will begin working on their shopping and planning out those gifts for kids. Each year gets tricky to come up with something new and fun to buy. We’ve got you covered with a list of stocking stuffer ideas that will keep kids happy and their dental health in focus.

Replace the candy (there’s probably still more from Halloween hanging around the house). Your kids are they’re likely to get some from other’s gifts anyways. Instead, opt for small toys, gift cards and items your child can still enjoy without putting their teeth at risk.

As they grow, children are at an important age and early habits and care for teeth can lead to lifelong dental health.

Here are some things to pick up while you’re out Black Friday shopping to stuff in your kid’s stockings this year.

Character Toothbrushes

Fun toothbrushes are a great way to incentivize kids to brush. Depending on their age, they may be excited to see a cartoon character they love on top of their toothbrush or want to brush with one that lights up or plays a jingle. There are so many different styles on the shelves to choose from – consider the option that best meets your child’s interests.

Flavored Toothpaste

There isn’t really anything fun about brushing your teeth. Especially if you have a child who isn’t fond of the typical minty flavor these pastes come in. Choosing from kid-friendly flavors and color options is a great way to bulk up their stocking contents while keeping their dental health in mind. Everything from bubble gum to strawberry or even chocolate flavors can be found. There are also wacky paste colors that look fun in the mouth when applied and rinse the teeth clean just as well. Kids may even spend a few extra seconds brushing if they’re having fun with the paste as an added benefit.

New Mouth Guards

If your child plays contact sports or is rough on the playground, then you know that protecting their teeth is vital. Christmas is a great time to restock on a new mouth guard for the year. A great fitting guard is going to offer the best protection for their mouth and as quickly as kids are growing you’ll find they need a new one fairly quickly.

Sugar-Free Candies

If you insist on adding some sweet goodies to the stocking, be sure to pick-up “sugar-free” or items that use Xylitol as a better option than pure sugar. This FDA approved sweetener is used in many gums, candies, and mints marketed as “sugar-free.” Be sure to always check the labels prior to purchasing.

At CT Pediatric Dentistry we strive to help young patients understand the importance of good oral hygiene and creating lifelong habits for the longevity of their teeth. This year, take some time to incorporate dental health in your gift buying plans.

Happy Holidays!   

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