As the parent of a teenager, you likely know that rules come with some opposition. When it comes to dental health it’s important to play to the role of overseer to ensure your teen continues with good oral health into their adult years.

Here are 3 top tips for helping to manage your teen’s dental habits.

1.      Have a Serious Talk

Like many new things your teen is exploring at this time in their lives, it’s important to sit down and have a serious talk about oral hygiene. People are more likely to follow through with tasks when they have a purpose and desire tied to it. Help your young teen to understand the benefits of regular oral care as well as what can happen to teeth when they aren’t properly cleaned or cared for.

2.      Cut Junk Food

Junk food and snacks have typically been the go-to for teens. Their busy lives and hanging out time with friends create a great time to sit around and snack. Not only is this terrible for physical health but it can also wreak havoc on their teeth. Don’t get your kids hooked on snacks at all and if they’re going to sit around and eat small nibble foods – make healthy choices available such as fruits and veggie platters.

3.      Talk to a Dentist

Even if your child is apprehensive to share about tooth pain or if they require braces, it’s important to talk to a dentist. Regular cleanings and check-ups will offer a chance to better understand what’s happening inside your teen’s mouth and what steps you can take as the responsible adult to help set them up for a future or healthy, strong teeth.

At CT Pediatric Dentistry we work with young children and see then up until their teen years to assist with their dental health futures.  With 3 locations conveniently located in Connecticut, we make partnering with you on your child’s oral health easy.

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