Braces play an important role in your child’s future. From self-confidence to improved chewing abilities and less chance for decay.

young girl smiling with bracesBenefits of Braces

While have a straight smile is one superficial benefit to having braces, they are actually a method that can help users chew their food better and even speak better. Also, because braces help move the teeth into order, they’re also easier to clean and therefore lead to fewer chances for cavities.

How to Clean

To clean braces properly, it’s important to use the right toothbrush and technique. Start out by choosing a soft bristle toothbrush or one designed with longer bristles on the outer rim to fit over the braces comfortably while brushing. In addition to cleaning the teeth, it’s important to work on cleaning the wires and anything that could be trapped between them. After each meal removes particles and rinse your mouth so there is no chance for acids to build.

Flossing remains a key step in oral health and should not be skipped with braces. Instead of moving the string up and down between the teeth, pull the floss out horizontally once the task is complete.

Other Tools to Help

There are special tools that can assist with the process of flossing and also removing debris from between braces. While not necessary they can make the job easier for those struggling to achieve required cleanliness. Water picks or interdental toothbrushes, for example, may be favorable.