kids dentist

As a responsible parent, you’re likely well invested in learning about the best options for keeping your kid’s oral health intact from an early age.

From setting up their first dental visit to showing your child how to properly brush and ensuring they do so each day, there are many things parents can to do set-up their success. One thing that’s often not talked about when it comes to younger children is the importance of flossing.

Sure there are still new teeth coming in, baby teeth falling, and likely some large gaps in between the teeth as they grow, but that doesn’t mean that flossing isn’t still beneficial.

Getting rid of any plaque or debris from the gu line still protects the teeth from decay that can carry over to adult teeth. Plus developing this habit early increaseS the ease with which it gets done routinely in the future.

Experts recommend that kids even as young as 2-6 years old floss. A good rule of thumb is to begin flossing as soon as two teeth are touching and the space between them is tight.

The only thing is that many kids not yet equipped with the motor skills needed to complete the task so parents should help and floss their teeth for them until they can on their own (at about 10 years old).

There are flosses created specifically for children in fruity, fun flavors and colors to make the task fun and appealing as well. Picks are also an option that some people find easier to use. The main goal is to remove anything that might be stuck in between and that could lead to decay. A dentist can also help you to teach you and your child the right way to floss so you’re armed with tools to take home when supervising.

At CT Pediatric Dentistry we value your child’s oral health and take the time to help kids feel at ease with the dentist. We also provide the tools and information they need to move successfully through the childhood years protecting their teeth and oral futures. Schedule a visit today!