Like toddlers, teens, and even adults, babies need to see a dentist regularly. The question, of course is: when, and how often? Generally, your baby should visit a dentist shortly after their 1st birthday. If that day is a distant memory, and you’re now coming up on their 2nd or 3rd birthday, then remember: better late than never.

The Importance of Caring For Baby Teeth

We all know that baby teeth are destined to fall out; however, this fact should never be used as an excuse to neglect your child’s regular dental visits. Ideally, you should treat your baby’s teeth like your baby.

Think about it:

All parents want their babies to grow into intelligent, responsible adults, right? Well, to achieve this, we might instill certain habits–making their bed, cleaning their dinner plate, eating vegetables before desert–that we know could be beneficial to their future.

These same concepts apply to baby teeth as well. You see, baby teeth form a path for adult teeth to follow. If you want to be really thorough, you could even clean your baby’s gums gently with a cloth and water before their 1st tooth appears.

Preparing For Their First Dental Visit

Generally, you don’t have to do much prep work. As long as you pick a pediatric dentist with good reviews and lots of experience, your little one will be just fine. We here at  CT Pediatric Dentistry will make sure your baby is comfortable the entire time. We believe that positive dental experiences are vital to every child’s oral development. After all, when children become comfortable in dental chairs, they’re more likely to visit regularly into adulthood.

Let’s instill positive dental practices into your baby’s future together. Contact us today or come in for a visit.

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