If you think back some years to being a young child and the experience of losing your baby teeth, do you recall fear? excitement? happiness?

More studies are being done today to help shape positive experiences for children when it comes to losing their first tooth.

Yes, it feels weird when the tooth is loose, yes there’s some blood involved and then there are the traditions such as the tooth fairy who leaves a reward under some kid’s pillows.

But what can you do as a parent to ensure when it comes time for your young child to start losing their baby teeth to have the best experience possible?

Here are our tips.

Tooth Loss a Positive Experience for Kids

According to findings of a study done at the University of Zurich, kids mostly feel good about the experience of losing their first tooth and this positive attitude is being linked to more dental involvement prior to the loss.

Kids that are already aware of the importance of dental health and who have already met with a pediatric dentist tend to do better overall with losing teeth.

The first dentist visit should happen around age one – when their first tooth is growing in – so they should already be familiar with the process.

At about six years old, children start to go through the process of losing those baby teeth and having a temporary gap in that spot until a permanent tooth grows in its place.

In addition to looking much like the rest of their peers at this age, kids feel “like a grown-up” as they experience these changes to their appearance.

Tips for Parents

As parents, this remains a critical teaching point in your child’s like and a perfect time to nurture kids around future dental habits and the importance of caring for their teeth for the long haul.

The other piece of the puzzle is helping your child to develop a good relationship with the dentist so that in addition to cleanings and routine check-ups, they’ll be more likely to speak up about pain, cavities and unafraid of getting in the chair for fillings or other procedures.

At CT Pediatric Dentistry we work with kids to help them feel good about their trip to the dentist. We believe in education and prevention and teaching children the methods required to keep their oral health front of mind.

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