We’ve circled back to a topic that’s so popular this time of year. Candy goes along with Halloween in the same way as bunny rabbits come out on Easter (another candy-laden holiday!)

Instead of reviewing all of the poor things that can happen when sugar attacks the enamel on your teeth, we wanted to offer some ideas for trick or treat visitors that don’t have to be eaten at all.

Here are 4 things to consider filling up in your treat bowl this year.

1. Fruit & Other Natural Treats

If you want to stay within the “food” category you can hand out fruit or other organic items that are still tasty for kids. You don’t have to be the “boring neighbor” with a bowl of apples. There are lots of great healthy honey sticks, fruit leathers and organic juice boxes on the market to choose from.

2.      Mini Novelties

Another great treat you can buy in bulk as you do with candy is small novelties toys to hand out. Kids can have some moments of fun playing with a mini toy car, playing the game of Jacks, bouncing a new giant ball. Candy isn’t the only way to have fun on Halloween.

3. Gift Cards

Depending on who you’re making a Halloween treat bag for you may want to consider grabbing some gift cards. What’s more fun than a little monetary item to spend at a toy store or on some other fun activity.

4. Fun Dental Tools

We couldn’t let a post go by without having some fun with dental tools. How about giving the kids some floss, fun flavored toothpaste or a new toothbrush in their candy bag so they can get to work cleaning all of the other sticky candy and chocolates from their day’s loot.

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