CT Pediatric DentistThis Sunday is Easter and while this is an important religious holiday for many it’s also the unofficial start of spring and families everywhere will gather for Easter egg hunts, traditional feasts and Easter baskets for the kids stuffed with chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps and jellybeans. How Easter became such a sweet holiday that it rivals Halloween and Valentine’s Day when it comes to sugar is not entirely known but if you are a parent that takes tooth decay seriously you may want to replace some of those confectionery treats in the Easter baskets.

Sugar is one of the leading causes of tooth decay and cavities in children. It seems just about everything kids enjoy, from candy to soda, contains major amounts of sugar and if your kids ingest too much it’s likely to cause problems with their teeth. You can warn kids all you want about the dangers and pain of decaying teeth but it’s hard to compete with the allure of candy. Instead of arguing it’s simply easier to provide kids with alternative to candy in the Easter baskets.

Most parents feel pressured into loading up Easter baskets with chocolates and jellybeans. They know it’s bad for their kid’s teeth but they don’t want to disappoint their children, especially when all their friends are enjoying the bounty of candy they received. However, there are plenty of other ideas for Easter gifts that don’t involve loads of sugar. Video games for an Xbox or Playstation, gift cards, MP3 players and toys are all great substitutes for candy and make for fine Easter basket fillings.

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