Our children mean the world to us. We want what’s best for them from the moment they’re born and until they’re off graduated and living their adult lives. If there’s anything we can do early to help prepare them for successful futures, you better believe as loving parents, we’ll find a way to make it possible.

From getting them involved in sports teams to learn important social skills, to sitting with them through tough homework and teaching them manners – there are so many ways parents can help mold their children into exemplary adults.

kids boxing glove

Forming healthy habits are also important.

Good hygiene, eating to nourish one’s body, and staying active are all key to a healthy future.

When it comes to dental health, give your child a fighting chance by setting them \on a path for good oral health early.

Here are a few tips to ensure they’re getting the best care for their teeth during these critical ages.

Brush Regularly

First things first, it’s important as soon as your child starts growing teeth that brushing happens. Even before then, keeping the mouth clean will only help stop the chances of bacteria leading to cavities.

Eat Well

Kids love to snack on sticky, crunchy foods but it’s important as the parent to help your child learn to like a plate of nutritious options over sugar-filled treats and juices which do more than just harm the teeth.

Establish Regular Routines

Of course if you really want to give your kids a fighting chance at oral health that is life-long, it’s important to install routines in them early on. These will become natural rituals over time and ensure they’re doing what’s needed to keep their teeth healthy for years to come.

At CT Pediatric Dentistry we care about your child and their teeth. We want them to succeed and have a healthy smile as much as you do. Our offices are geared towards little people and helping them to feel comfortable and confident when visiting the dentist.

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