Behind Halloween, the Easter holiday is one of the most candy-heavy celebrations our children encounter each year. As a parent, you’re probably already fully aware of the dangers that sugary foods and extremely sticky candies present to oral health.

Thankfully, there is an increasing awareness today around reducing sugar intake for families. In fact, the results of a recent survey by National Confectioners Association found that 90 percent of parents will use the holiday to discuss balance when it comes to confectionery consumption.

You don’t have to forego the celebrations entirely. Take this approach and find an opportunity to talk to your children about portion control and limiting sugar intake.

Here are some other Easter candy alternatives and replacements to consider this year.

Replace Chocolate with Toys

Instead of chocolate bunnies and candy, swap out the costs and buy your child a toy they’ve been asking for. A fair trade off and a much healthier one when it comes to keeping cavities out of your child’s mouth.

Activity Time Fun

Now that warmer weather is here, consider giving kids some toys that they can have fun with outdoors. Sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, baseball cards, bouncy balls and other activity items aren’t just fun, they also promote important cognitive and physical health.

Candy Swaps

If you’d still like to offer your child a few pieces of candy and other snacks in a basket to keep the tradition going, stay away from rock hard candies, super sticky treats and anything that is extremely sweet or sour. Each of these can eat at the enamel on teeth or even cause injury. Opt for sugar free options when available or look for hallowed dark chocolate. Colored hard boiled eggs, and pieces of fruit are also a great options to fill the basket with instead.

Inspire Creativity

Consider filling an Easter basket with items that spur creativity in your child. Markers, crayons, coloring books and activity books make for a colorful arrangement that is a healthy way to build creativity and promote self expression.

Keep Teeth Safe

Your best efforts to prepare a tooth-friendly Easter basket may still fail with grandparents and family stopping by to drop treats off for the kids. The best defense is to make sure your child has the tools they need to be healthy with candy consumption. Cover your bases and buy them a new fun toothbrush and toothpaste to match as part of their Easter swag this year.

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