Reese's Peanutbutter Cup and other candyHalloween is soon on its way, and a recent survey from Nebraska shows that dentists’ candy of choice for handing out to little trick-or-treaters is chocolate.

Only a small percentage hand out toothbrushes or other dental products, and about 25% don’t hand out anything at all, but of the two-thirds of dentists who do hand out candy on the evening of October 31st, nearly 80% of them are handing out sweet delicious chocolate.

Chocolate is the best candy to hand out to children from a dental perspective, because it melts fast, dissolving quickly in the mouth, and this minimizes the amount of time the little goblin’s teeth stay in contact with the sugar. This minimizes the growth of cavities and slows the erosion of tooth enamel when combined with proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Whether you’re a pirate, a cowboy, a princess, or a Ninja Turtle for Halloween, the most important thing of all is safety. After safety comes dental health. Dental health is so important for people to start to love at an early age, so that a life-long respect for teeth and gums plays out well into adulthood. Proper dental hygiene can prevent health issues down the road, not to mention the more-immediate effects of developing cavities, gingivitis, or halitosis. There is nothing wrong with a little Halloween candy, and it is probably not the ideal of all nights to be handing out raisins or pennies, but it is very important to keep up healthy oral hygiene habits especially on this night of sweet treats.

A mouth that is not properly cared for and brushed and flossed regularly can become even more scary than some of the creepiest Halloween costumes we’ve seen, and that’s saying quite a bit! Don’t have a scary mouth. Brush and floss twice a day, and do this as soon as you can after eating sticky sweet delicious candy. Halloween is just a week away! Get those costumes ready!

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