With the month of September now underway, most children have made their way back to school. This time of year not only means a return to regular routines, but it’s also a time when kids need their rest and total focus on their studies. Did you know your child’s dental health can affect his grades?

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Grab a pen and paper and take notes. Here are some key dental hygiene tips for acing the back to school season.

Start with a Well Visit

A great way to kick off the new school year is to have your child’s well visits completed early. That means booking appointments with the pediatrician, eye doctor and the dentist. These professionals will check to ensure that your growing child has everything they need to support healthy growth.  From strong bones to good teeth – it’s important to work with these doctors as your child makes his way through the school years.

Focus on Better Nutrition

Even with regular doctor and dentist visits, children should be held accountable for their own dental health. That means doing more than just brushing every morning. They should also understand the basics of good nutrition and which food choices could wreak havoc on their teeth. Avoiding cavities and the pain associated with them starts with proper eating.

Lead by Example

You can’t expect your child to do great in school and work on oral health each day if you’re not leading by example. Remember children are like sponges and will absorb and mimic what they see around them. Establish healthy habits, encourage your children to brush and floss and make good choices and most importantly, do so along with them.

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