Taking care of our children’s health is a top priority for parents. Regular doctor and dental visits and hygiene all play an important role in their ongoing health. Another critical element is nutrition. The foods and drinks our children consume have a direct relation to their health.

As more research emerges on the impact sugars and other processed additives have on long-term health, it’s critical to become informed and make decisions to help your children grow healthy into the future.

For this blog, we’ll be looking specifically at the benefits of drinking water and ensuring your child is properly hydrated each day.

Hydration is Critical for Overall Health

In addition to keeping kids well hydrated throughout the day, water is an important drink for them to have as it helps with normal functions in their body. From food digestion to regulating body temperature, water plays a critical role in keeping us going. Since water is lost as we sweat and move around it’s even more important to continue to replace it in the body. Dehydration, especially in children, can lead the other more serious problems. Keep water in an easy to grab format with you wherever you are so kids get used to drinking when thirst comes and they reach for it before wanting other unhealthy options like soda and juice.

Stop Tooth Decay

The problem with other drinks is that they are loaded with sugars. In addition to poor diet, sugar attacks the tooth enamel and creates decay and cavities and its happening increasingly younger ages across the globe. You want to pay particular attention to the labels on the food and drinks you feed your children and be sure to instill regular oral hygiene practices in their daily routines. Added sugars combined with poor dental hygiene can quickly lead to serious dental issues.

Recommended Water Intake for Kids

So just how much water does your child need to drink each day to be safe from dental issues? The answer can vary based on age, weight, level of activity however at least 6-8 cups of water a day should be the general rule for children. This amount should be increased for those children who are very physically active or in areas where hot weather can deplete the body of water quickly.

At CT Pediatric Dentistry, we focus specifically on helping children build healthy habits. As more soft drinks, sugary snacks, and fast food options become available, it’s more important than ever to make sure our children grow up learning how to achieve optimal oral health.