For years we’ve been preparing our children with tools and habits to support their future dental health. Whether it means standing in front of the mirror each morning to show them how to properly brush and supervise that the step is taken, or replacing candy-filled holiday baskets with better alternatives. There are many ways to help kids to get on board with tooth care.

tooth fairy

Perhaps none more classic though than the tooth fairy.

Here are 3 fun facts about this fictional character who has been used for ages to help kids feel okay about the changes happening inside their mouths as they grow.

1. The mythological character made its appearance in U.S. culture in the early 1900s.  

While traditions around tooth exchanges for children have existed in different formats across generations and cultures, in the U.S., earliest found mention of the fictional character was in a column in Chicago Daily Tribune offering tips for nursery care and housekeepers to provide children a gift in exchange for the lost tooth under their pillows to help their acceptance of the happenings. Later, Disney would start depicting the character in its films and popularizing the ideal fairy that still exists today.

2. The average payout is under pillows has actually decreased.

While the cost of most things increases over the years, tooth fairy rates are driven by market fluctuations and have actually been on a decline with a struggling/uncertain economy. The average rate for a tooth under a pillow in 2019 according to the “Original Tooth Fairy Poll” is around $3.70 – .50 cents less from a year ago.

3. Found to increase the likelihood of healthy routines in young children.

This cheerful legend isn’t just a mythical character for children’s to believe in but has actually helped to increase a young child’s acceptance of the teeth coming out of their mouths and turning a somewhat potentially frightening situation into a hopeful one that set’s them up for accepting the responsibility of dental care for their futures.

At CT Pediatric Dentistry we want all children to feel safe and comfortable about going to the dentist. We use kid-friendly methods to show kids that sitting in the chair is anything but scary and that the steps being taken will help them prepare for a healthy future.

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